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Ben Corbey
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Another green space is in jeopardy, but you can help by signing this petition. 

Over the past two years, Boulder Shack and the local community have invested massive amounts of love and energy into developing the wasteland at the back of Boulder Shack. A wooden train was built on the old railway, people planted trees and dug weeds, we removed several large skips worth of old rubbish, and you laid a decking for people to hang out on. Although attached to Boulder shack, This was a space built by the community for the community and was always to be an area anyone could use. 

At the time, It was under the belief (and genuine mistake) that this land was within the lease of the building. Boulder Shack’s roof actually overhangs a large part of this space! More recently It transpired that this was actually Network Rail property, and as soon as 28th February it could all be gone. They have asked that we remove the decking, the trees, the  planters, and the amazing train so that they can fence on their boundary. Now this might seem like a pretty reasonable suggestion - It is after all their land. But when you consider that their intentions for the land don’t consider a community space, it’s surely a huge missed opportunity to do something better. Once more, Network Rail a has a community green space charter and we believe this is exactly the kind of thing they would endorse if proper consideration were made. The world needs more little green spaces. The future of this space has been presented to them, with a promise that it will be managed without financial or time input from themselves. And when you consider this, along with our shared community agendas, maybe with a little nudge, there is light at the end of the tunnel.