Please don't close the Angerstein Railway pedestrian Crossing

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The Angerstein Crossing is a pedestrian level crossing that has been in use since 1852. The railway is still in use as a single track freight route to Angerstein Wharf. It is used by a very few freight trains travelling very slowly carrying aggregate to and from the Angerstein Wharf. The pedestrain crossing is an important pedestrian link that allows pedestrians to avoid the busy and polluted Woolwich Road. It is used every day by many local residents to access Westcombe Park Station. It is also an important part of a relatively car free pedestrian route from the Westcombe Park residential area to the retail parks at Charlton Riverside.

The crossing is one of only two such crossings left in London and has recently been listed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich as a Heritage Asset of value to local people. The crossing is described as a "Rare survival of a historic pedestrian route over a freight railway, still in regular use by residents for its original purpose - to avoid Woolwich Road - and as a route to Westcombe Park station. Railway also still in regular use for transport of aggregates around London"

Network Rail have sent neighbours a letter saying that the crossing will be closed this Saturday, 13 April 2019. Only one weeks notice has been given, there has been no consultation and no apology. They didn't even notify the local Council or our MP.

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Network Rail need to consult with local residents and if the crossing in its current state is no longer compatible with a modern railway a footbridge or tunnel should be provided instead.

I am a local resident and want to help those who use the crossing keep it open. I don't personally use the crossing every day but I use it occasionally.  I know how valued it is to those who use it regularly. The alternative route is pretty unpleasant and a discouragement to walk.