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Release ReBoot on DVD in the UK

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Dear Network On Air

We, the undersigned would like you to release the 90's CG cartoon ReBoot on DVD.

The series was the first full length CG cartoon, making its debut a year before Toy Story in 1994. While it was initially more kid friendly and episodic, as the show went on it developed an intriguing and engaging story arc as well as darkening the tone which attracted an adult audience as well as kids. On top of that, the show was notable for featuring homages to other films/TV shows/video games such as James Bond, The Prisoner, Evil Dead and Mortal Kombat. 

However, in the UK the show had its life cut short when CITV stopped airing the show partway through Season 3 with 7 episodes left to show. These 7 episodes as well as the 8 episode Season 4 which came along a few years later have never been broadcast in the UK, meaning that there's 15 episodes of ReBoot that have not been aired in the UK.

On top of this, while the US and Canada got a full fledged 4 season box set release from Shout Factory in 2011 (following releases of Season 3 and 4 from ADV and Anchor Bay), the only releases of ReBoot on any home video format in the UK was two VHS tapes with two season one episodes each, meaning that the majority of the series has not been released in the UK, yet alone the end of Season 3 and all of Season 4 which have never been aired.

While several UK fans of the show have managed to see the end of the show by various means (I.e. the Region 1 DVDs and unnofficial means such as YouTube), there's probably some fans who haven't watched the show since CITV dropped it. Having an official Region 2 box set out would make it possible for more people to see this groundbreaking and innovative series without needing to purchase a multi region DVD/Blu Ray player or change the region on their computer (which can only be done 5 times). With Network's penchant for releasing old Cult TV shows on DVD and Blu Ray that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day, I personally believe that they would be the best people to bring ReBoot to the UK.


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