Fire Kerri-Anne

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During a segment on Network 10’s show Studio10, Kerri-Anne went on a racial rant about the people attending protests.

In trying to delegitimise protests held by Indigenous people on January 26, she claimed that such protesters were ignoring the sexual abuse of women and children in rural Indigenous communities and doing “zip” (as quoted) to help.

This blatantly ignores that sexual abuse is a problem in EVERY community, (especially for Indigenous people throughout Australia, who are statistically more likely to be assaulted) and uses child sex abuse victims as a weapon to further her racist agenda and to discredit protesters.

In doing so, she equates that you can’t be physically active in one area, if you are not active in another. This fails to recognize the issues Indigenous people face within cities and other areas that aren’t considered “the outback”, as well as the fact many people ARE active about many or ALL Indigenous related issue AUSTRALIA WIDE!

She was unapologetic, dismissive and refused to listen when confronted. This shows she has little care for listening, learning and growing.

She should be not only be fired from Studio10, but the network completely and made to apologise to the Indigenous people of Australia, especially the women and children.