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Newton Towers has violated the "warrant of habitability". The property manager, Angela Scales, has demonstrated negligence and harassment towards those who live here since day one of her employment. 

  • A recent fire took place in my apartment due to a faulty stove on Sunday July 29th, 2018 at 5:45pm. It took firefighters 20 minutes to arrive from the station just across the street. Despite the fact a "fire drill" was performed here earlier in the day, the firemen could neither find my unit (they said “the buildings are not clearly labeled”) nor could they gain access to the property (the rear gate would not open and I had to let them in myself). Less than a year ago I requested a new stove because it wasn't working properly and that order was never fulfilled. Angela claims Julio (the maintenance guy) checked it out and said there wasn't any problem. But Julio told me he didn't remember checking it and that he didn't receive a work order. I have received no apology, and no concern for the general welfare or safety of my being. I could easily have been electrocuted. This is but one example of her excessive negligence. Had the stove been replaced as requested, this could have been avoided.
  • The stairs and railings at the rear gate have been littered with bird droppings for at least two months. According to California state law, “the grounds must be clean and sanitary - free of debris, filth, rubbish, etc. This includes well maintained floors, stairways, and railings.”
  • There have been numerous other ongoing issues over the last three years (I have lived here since 2011). Most of these issues I have documented, such as: intermittent electrical problems, plumbing problems, faulty exterior fire alarms, broken shower faucets, witholding/missing mail, broken water main, unkept laundry rooms, disturbing fire drills, incorrect dates on important notices, failure to keep her office hours as posted, and threatening messages taped over the mail slot. Many of my requests for help either resulted in her yelling at me, hanging up the phone on me during a crisis, or doing absolutely nothing at all. 

These circumstances pose serious health and safety risks to our community. They are also affecting our quality of life. The families and residents of Newton Towers find the situation unacceptable and hereby submit the following requests:

  1. We hereby respectfully request that the current property manager, Angela Scales, step down from her position and be replaced immediately with a competent, caring professional.
  2. We request that each of our buildings be clearly labeled on all sides and that first responders be granted easy access to the property.
  3. We request that the pool and the jacuzzi remain properly heated at all times and that all harassment cease immediately. As paying tenants, it is our right to enjoy and have access to the amenities at Newton Towers without fear, intimidation, threats, bullying, belittling, excessive rules or other forms of outrageous behavior. This harassment includes, but is not limited to, denying our right to feed the squirrels, pick avocados, have furniture on our patios, wear t-shirts in the pool, have food and drink at the pool, have guests over to visit, talk to our neighbors, take pictures with our cell phones, use floatation devices in the pool, and let our children splash and play in the pool. Previous amenities we would like to have restored include Wi-Fi by the pool, Wi-Fi in the recreation room, the right to have food and drinks in the recreation room, pool hour access until 10pm and free guest parking.
  4. We request that each of our mailboxes stay clearly labeled on a regular basis as the numbers tend to fade and become difficult to read over time.
  5. We request that any mail tampering or withholding of mail that may have taken place or may be taking place, cease and desist immediately in accordance with Federal Law.
  6. We also request the grounds be kept clean and sanitary - free from debris, filth, rubbish, and waste at all times in compliance with state law and the local health authorities. This includes trash bin pick up on a regular basis.
  7. We request all exterior lighting to the buildings, hallways and parking garages turn on promptly at sundown (not an hour later) as this becomes dangerous and difficult to see while walking to vehicles, across the hall or down the stairs. Failure to provide us with proper lighting at night could result in personal injury to a resident.
  8. We request that all blowers used by landscaping personnel for cleaning purposes be replaced with a different cleaning tool to prevent the stirring up of airborne pollutants, irritants and other harmful particles. Apart from the noise pollution these blowers create, they also pose health concerns to residents who suffer from asthma and allergies. 


According to the title report from First American Title Company, Newton Towers has 141 units on the property. My goal is to acquire at least half that many signatures from our resident body within 30 days (if occupancy rate is high enough) and submit this petition to the local health inspectors, to the owners and to Angela's immediate supervisors. For the safety and well being of all who reside here, will you please consider signing it? Note: it is illegal for the property manager or for Newton Towers, Inc. to retaliate against you for signing this petition or for filing a complaint of any kind.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for sharing it with your neighbors.