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Internet Liability

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How would you describe the world or lifestyle of today's generation? Everything is instant right? From the foods we eat, communications, jobs, transportations, etc. All of these are products of technology, and as one of the people living in 21st century, we have discovered technologies, and continually discovering new technologies to make our lives more convenient. And one of the best product of technology is internet.

It is one of the important things in human lives today. It is very helpful yet very harmful. And even as one of the teenagers or users of it here in the Philippines, we are concern on how slow the service or the connection of internet here in our country. That is why the internet service or connection here in the Philippines should be solve.

According to the results ASEAN DNA obtained by analysing test data between March 7, 2014 amd April 15, 2014. The average ASEAN internet speed the Philippine has 3.6 Mbps which is the slowest from all the countries in South East Asia, and the highest is Cambodia with 5.7 Mbps, and in the average global internet speed, Japan is the highest with 41.7 Mbps. See, how big is the difference between our internet connection and others? Philippines is the lowest in the list. It is alarming that the Philippines is considered as one of the countries in the world that has the slow internet connection. It is not good because internet has tons of uses for us Filipinos. For example, is for us to easily communicate with each other in or out of the country, for educational and business purposes to make our country better. To make it short, it makes everyone connected.

According to some netizen here in the Philippines, and one of it is Rosemarie, the internet service here in the Philippines is very slow. In her house they have three different telecommunication networks but still, it was all slow even they are paying for it. Another one is Dennis Garcia, Filipino and an OFW who came back here in the Philippines for vacation experienced the slow connection here and was shocked on how slow the connection here. To make it short, the internet here in the Philippines should be solve as soon as possible.

On recent data gathered by Akamai Technologies' Global State of the Internet Report, and was published by June 1, 2017, it shows that the global average internet connection speed is 7.2 Mbps, but the Philippines falls short with an average of 5.5 Mbps. It only proves that Philippines continues to have one of the slowest internet connection speed across the Asia Pacific. In average peak connection Philippines' 45 Mbps is second to the lowest just above India's 41.4 Mbps.

Even though it has increased a little, government should exert more efforts to solve the problems the Philippines is facing in terms of the connection in the internet.

We concluded that people nowadays are not even thinking about the consequences of their actions. So, we think that people should always know what they are doing. They should not act like they are always free from everything and the things that can harm them. Although we have a slow internet connection, always consider the right things. Even if the government will solve the problem, which they should have, we should always be precautous and use it in proper and right way.


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