Say NO to baseless FIRs

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The current trend in our state of Arunachal Pradesh of seeking apology by lodging FIRs deeply worries me. It is more worrisome when it is done by the public authorities and public figures who are answerable to the public for every action of theirs as they are seen as public servants. We as citizens have only the power to poke fun at them helplessly for their ineffective and incompetence sitting at the position of power. No one should be harassed at the mercy of FIR and apology unless it pertains to personal attacks on character and family name. with this petition I hope to bring forth the attention to the authorities to stop entertaining these complaints. With this campaign I hope to garner immense support from the awakened netizens of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Please kindly support me in the endeavour to avert such situations in future.