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Everyone knows what LGBT is. It's a sensitive topic that this generation suffer. However it is a broad topic that will accidentally hurt individuals.

All of us wants to be respected but unfortunately other people respect a person based on their sexual preference. LGBT community wants to be accepted in this society. 

Do we need to judge the person by their sexual preference?

  •  We judge all people for various reasons. Judging people based on their thoughts and actions are as common place as breathing. We must always be cautious when judging others of any category, and we should be much more quickly to judge ourselves first. So, giving individuals a "free pass" simply because of their sexual preferences is absurd. LGBT people do good and bad things, just like the rest do us. They should be treated well, how we treat each and everyone in this world – with kindness and consideration.

How should we accept LGBT?

  • We will not respect them because of their gender rather we will respect them because they are also humans. Others can’t accept them because people are too focused on the idea that there are only 2 existing genders. Love them in a way that you will forget that they are different from male and female. Forget the word LGBT and replace it with the word equality.

Discriminating them lower their self-esteem. They also want to be respected. They are also humans created by God. People think that the LGBT Community is a trash and has no use to this place but they didn’t think about the capabilities that an LGBT member can possess. 

Accepting them doesn't lower your dignity. Loving them won't determine you worth. And respecting them won't lower your value. We all know the feeling of being discriminated yet we do this.

Spread the love and equality of each individual! 

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