Only YOU can bring this new character to life! Help give birth to the saviour of Hinpar!

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Mortal Kombat is unique among online games and we hope to keep it that way. The brainchild of game engineers from Midway Games, founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1958, Mortal Kombat has grown into one of the most democratic projects in the gaming community. That’s because the fans help design new characters, storylines and scenarios for the Mortal Kombat universe. Without the thousands of engaged fans in the gaming community, Mortal Kombat would cease to be the living, breathing, bleeding, sweating enterprise it is today. Because of this, most serious fans have a sense of duty to the game. They know their input matters and they take their role seriously.

Today, we stand at a turning point. Never before in Midway Games’ history has an opportunity like this presented itself to the fans: we have a chance to elect a new character. And not just any character, but a liquid metal character. The time has come for the franchise to add a liquid metal character to the line-up. The fans are ready and expect an announcement soon. They have even named the new character — "Chrome". But other names are possible: Mirror, Alloy, Shine, Luster. It is up to us, as fans, to make it known we need a liquid metal character. In fact, we demand it.

As you know, NetherRealm Studios has a long history of adding new characters to the game. There is precedence, and that’s all that matters. Now is the time for us to sign this petition and demand that our voice be heard. Let’s keep Mortal Kombat the most democratically-designed game of all time. Let the millions of dedicated voice resound in unison! We want Chrome!

Back Story

Chrome’s organometallic skin is synthetically forged from a rare metal found on Hinpar. The compound does not exist anywhere on Earth. This extraterrestrial alloy is not vulnerable to corrosive agents of any form, whether they come in gas, liquid or solid phase. It's anti-corrosive composition protects it against acid, lava, noxious fumes and other oxidizing agents in the atmosphere. It is impermeable, despite the fact that it covers Chrome’s body at a maximum thickness of just .01 mm. Nevertheless, the alloy’s tremendous strength and ductility allow Chrome to run, jump and swim with superb speed and agility. He is nearly invincible.

Chrome's royal lineage as the third-born prince of Hinpar entitles him to Kingship. His royal blood guarantees him ascension to the throne and he will one day assume the monarchy of Hinpar as its rightful heir.

▼Only YOU can bring this new character to life! Help give birth to the saviour of Hinpar!

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