Give option to turn off hit effects - Mortal Kombat 11

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Even though hit and block sparks are commonly used in fighting games, Mortal Kombat has never had such thing, at least not in the way they look evident in the latest MK11’s build. Immediately, the majority of fans who noticed the weird circled blue/red effects and the white “shields”, started complaining (on Twitter, Reddit and other social media) about how they look out of place and take away the realism MK games prioritize. Undoubtedly it is a minor detail, but since they’re bothering people who want them to be removed, a simple option to turn them off would please the community at the same time it wouldn’t jeopardize the gameplay of the ones who actually see them as a visual confirmation of hits being connected. That said, this petition aims to reach the NRS developers who asked for our constructive criticism and feedback (including the negative one towards some features like this one) in order to improve and polish the game before official release.