A Champion Awaits...

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It was the most famous arcade game of the 1990s...

So violent, it inspired the creation of the ESRB.

Media outcry.

Congressional hearings.


Total success.

It is Mortal Kombat. For almost 25 years, the quintessential fighting game has made history time after time. Now, it's going to happen again. The fans are about to speak with one voice, and contribute a new character to a game universe that has given us all so much.

Somewhere out there, he is hidden.

Even the most enigmatic Mortal Kombat warriors cannot match his mystique.

Few even know his name.

He fights with blades forged in his own ruthless imagination.

He can bend light with a glance.

He kills with a wave of his hand.

None speak of him, lest he hear, and come looking for a challenge.

Even Mortal Kombat champions avoid his shadow.

He is fear.

He is Chrome.

This new Mortal Kombat Warrior has unique abilities with nearly unlimited potential. The combat mechanics of a character with this combination of abilities will bring all kinds of new possibilities to the universe, along with many new ways to play the game. He is a fearsome renegade with the twin powers of polymorphic liquid metal and the innate ability to bend and shape light. His fighting style is both treacherous and lethal.

The ability to create specialized or custom shapes with his liquid metal might be tied to Chrome's movement. For example, if he “goes liquid” then jumps back, the momentum of his movement could stretch the metal into a new shape. This would require some fairly precise movement techniques by the player, but done properly, the “weapon” formed by the new shape of the metal could produce new benefits during gameplay. Many of you may be wondering how do you punish liquid metal? The developers can simply set Chrome's powers such that he can separate the liquid metal/nanobots compound from his body. If he can do a “breakaway” ability, then his liquid metal/nanobot capability becomes a projectile weapon.

The light reflection ability can be used to do all kinds of things. Chrome could become invisible, incorporeal, shrouded in darkness, create duplicates of himself to absorb enemy attacks, create mirror images of himself to amplify his own attacks, and so forth. The possibilities here for skill-based gameplay are considerable.

He is anathema, and he has his sights set on the title of Mortal Kombat Champion.

Ed Boon himself has inquired regarding this character's backstory, and while one or more have already been composed, what better way to tell a character's story than to challenge that character to overcome the tournament that has formed the basis for every other character in this universe? We propose that Chrome fight his way to prominence. It is the only way Mr. Boon and the rest of the community can get to know this imaginative take on a fighting game hero.

The drive to include Chrome as a playable character in the new Mortal Kombat game was inspired by the successful initiative to include an obscure character called "Tremor" as DLC in previous versions of Mortal Kombat. What the Tremor petitions demonstrated was the developers of this legendary game series were not only willing to listen to fans, but were equally willing to alter the game to both improve its appeal and to reward the series' most dedicated fans for their vision and efforts.

What NetherRealm Studios has shown us is that franchises like Mortal Kombat make progress and improve fastest when fans and developers share a common vision. We all want this game to be better, and we want to see our heroes realized in the game world alongside characters we have watched and enjoyed for decades. This is our chance to make our mark in the halls of a game franchise with few equals.

Fan communities like ours have been influencing the universes our heroes populate for more than fifty years. From Stan Lee's Merry Marvel Marching Society to the letter writing campaigns for Star Trek to the advent of Pottermania and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, successful story worlds have always been well-advised to heed the advice of those producers, authors and developers intend to entertain. We will take what started as a simple coloring error and turn it into the most innovative and fun-to-play new character in Mortal Kombat history.

Now, after society has accepted the fact that video games are not only capable of dramatic spectacle, Mortal Kombat is prepared to show the world what comes next. This is not the story of a character with a new coat of paint. This is the story of a community that will not be denied in their pursuit of a new way to express their desire for innovative gameplay, state-of-the-art presentation and the advancement of a legacy that hails from the very foundations of video games themselves.

We have Pop Culture Shock Collectibles to thank for our good fortune. When they shipped the black and silver ninja-suited warrior, they didn't realize they were taking the Mortal Kombat universe to a new and exciting place. We're going to make certain their error does not go to waste.

We're just fans, but as fans we have both the desire and the duty to give something back to a franchise that has brought us so much joy over the years. We all remember well the first time we were able to command a special move, or how we got a fatality to work for the first time, or how we finally learned how to effectively match our skills and unique understanding of a character against our opponents.

Mortal Kombat is more than just a game. It is a community, and as fans we also share a responsibility to strengthen that community by making the game we all enjoy better and more entertaining. That is the reason for this project, and the reason we're asking for your support today. Please consider signing our petition, consider contributing to our project and join our drive to make Mortal Kombat a better game and a better place for all of us to share the industry's greatest gaming experiences.

This character must take his place in the tournament. The only way that's going to happen is if your voice joins others to demand that Chrome become the next downloadable bonus character in Mortal Kombat 11. NetherRealm Studios must join the community in its commitment to quality gameplay experiences with the potential this project represents.

This project comes down to you. Mortal Kombat carries a tremendous legacy, and we are highly conscious of the fact we presume to author a page in this story rather than simply playing it. But if we did not feel this character had something unique to offer, we would not make this request of NetherRealm Studios, nor would we make this request of you.

We need your support if we are to see this character write his own chapter in the Mortal Kombat story. Our campaign is well underway, and we have carried our message throughout the web so far. What we need most is your public support for our idea, and your participation in our upcoming events and social media campaigns.

It is time to take this idea to NetherRealm Studios with the signatures of every fan of Mortal Kombat from the first arcade game all the way through to the most customized and deluxe version of the current franchise entry. The legacy of this title demands it. The fans want to see it happen, and the co-creator of the franchise sees the potential here, and is asking his questions just as rhetorically as the community is. It is perfectly reasonable to believe Mr. Boon knows the answers to his questions will make Chrome's inclusion in the Mortal Kombat Universe more likely.

Overall, we consider this an expression of appreciation to NetherRealm Studios for their never-ending dedication to a video game franchise we all appreciate above other worthy competitors. Mortal Kombat is more than just a video game. It is a part of our shared culture and identity as a gaming community. We don't consider contributing a character just “something to do.” We consider it an obligation.

When Chrome takes his place in the tournament, each of his victories will be a tribute to your imagination and dedication to this great franchise.

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