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Targeted Individuals FREE

Targeted Individual are being harrased all over the world by gangstalking and by v2k and remote neuro monitoring 24/7. Innocent people are being killed suddenly with health problems like their liver, kidney's or heart and even are being institutionalized by illegal police entrapments working together with local citizens to destroy lives and kill people by making them declared paranoid schitzofrenic and giving them medication and making them agressive and ready to butcher. Children are illegaly kidnapped by CPS all over the world and sold for more money than drugs into fostercare supported by governments where some even die. The targeted individual program uses GWEN towers, microchips and sattelites to harrass innocent victims to death. We must do something about this and stop the electronic harrasment. Michigan has a law against it then why NOT the entire world? See my website and try to understand what is happening RIGHT NOW!

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