Stop removing Diamondgirl's warnings on the Nethergames Discord Server

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All in all, many of the everyday players on Nethergames are simply over being warned for minor things, such as swearing (because lets be honest, we all occasionally have slip-ups, and of course I'm not condoning it, but we're human and it happens), but, meanwhile, players such as Diamondgirl3012 get a unfair advantage where her warnings are constantly removed even though her behavior is continuously and deliberately harmful, while many players don't get any slack regarding punishments. This petition isn't to harm or bash Diamondgirl3012 - it's meant to spark some enlightenment that all players should be treated equally. Personally, I care about this petition because I was punished for something I didn't do while others get this obvious favoritism - overall, I believe the punishment system is flawed, and a good example of the favoritism is with Diamondgirl3012. Please please please sign this petition if you believe that this should be changed - for the better.