Put Walker Texas Ranger in "Mortal Kombat 11"

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The makers of Mortal Kombat 11 have produced the best game in the series by far and they've gone above and beyond the call of their fans. They've not only delivered a deeply complex fighting game with a pro esports level of mastery and challenge, a rich adventure story and violence that until now only existed in the fevered mind of Charles Manson when he started hiding his medication under his tongue. 

The addition of the original RoboCop is a dream come true to every gamer who loves the MK series especially to us in Dallas where the original RoboCop was filmed. It would be hard to top the greatest cybernetic civil servant of all time especially since it corrects the industry's crime of never giving him a playable game of his own. 

There is one more rung they can reach on their already high ladder of greatness courtesy of another Dallas legend. I've got three words for you: Walker Texas F*&%in' Ranger. 

We the fans would like to humbly ask Netherealm Studios and specifically Ed Boon and WB Games to create and release a Walker Texas Ranger DLC character that can against the MK greats like Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Jade. The character can be added to MK11 or even a future MK game as a downloadable add-on with his own unique moves, combos and fatalities. I've provided some suggestions based on Walker Texas Ranger lore in this witty but serious column for The Dallas Observer. 

Thanks on behalf of all the MK fans all over the world (I'll get you their names if you'd like). 

Danny Gallagher