We Want Loving Neverland on Netflix! Let's Make it Happen!

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          Michael Jackson is the biggest entertainer of all the time. He changed everything. He changed the world of pop and the world of dance. He also do a justice on choosing race, he told that we are all the same, we are one! He change the world by his song "Heal The World", " Black or White", "Man in the Mirror", " Earth Song" and a lot again. I feel that all of his song has the meaning inside it. 

          Loving Neverland highlights the injustice and mockery that Michael Jackson dealt with post his stardom. This is probably one of the best documentary, even tough it is 5 hours running, it is 5 hours full of love. Neverland Valley Ranch itself shows the personality of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Neverland is full of love and peace.

          By this petition, i want Loving Neverland to be entered in the biggest on demand streaming platform named Netflix. Because Loving Neverland is just one of the best documentary that must available forever. Loving is better than Leaving. Love and Peace to the world!❤✌�

Loving Neverland - Official Trailer :