Removal of Bard of Blood from Netflix

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We have recently seen an advertisement of a new Indian series on Netflix that goes by the name of "Bard of Blood". Starring Emraan Hashmi and produced by Shahrukh Khan.

The trailer signifies that the series is a direct attack on Muslims and specifically Pakistani Muslims. The series portrays Pakistani Muslims are terrorists operating in the province of Balochistan. The series also tries to scar the image of Pakistani military forces by portraying them as facilitators of the terrorists.

This series is a direct media attack on Pakistani nationalism and military. The series is also a direct attack on the religion as it generalizes the Muslims as terrorists.

Netflix is watched widely around the world and producing such content amid tension along the border between the two countries after India scrapped the Special Status of Kashmir by revoking Article 370 and snatching Kashmiris off their basic human rights is merely just a hideous attempt of character assassination of the Pakistan and Pakistan Army.

Netflix allowing this judgements, racist and negatively generalizing content against Muslims and Pakistan makes them fall under the category of facilitators to an act of character assassination. 

We request Netflix to take appropriate action in taking down the series from their international platform.

We, as Muslims, are boycotting the platform by revoking our memberships till the series is taken down.