twelvefor come back but with a better plot

twelvefor come back but with a better plot

September 9, 2021
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Started by Roxy moose

love this series but i found a lot of problem, so I want it to be repaired, and that they manage to finish or at least give it a worthy ending.

to start the story, no bad, it's obviously about a girl who travels to another world to forget about her problems, and  never grow up. but it has problems like filling, It is good to have moments of relaxation, but when they have already begun to give more depth to the characters. this was done until the end.

although some chapters are creative and interesting, like how the world works.

If they are going to make moments of drama, that they do not put so many random chapters, and that they give better the conclusion to the characters.

for the second season

I want them to get new writers, to make better use of the world of show, who know how to develop the elements and characters. And also if you are going to have a romance, please let it develop as such.

I acknowledge that the creator Julia Vickerman was accused of flirting with minors, And since it will not be in the series anymore, I hope they get a better co-creator, for the continuity of the show. 

And if they are going to continue the series but change the studio, I hope they continue to draw the characters as they are, if there is a change I hope it is for the good and not for the bad.

and that the new people see the show and are oriented to how to make the most of the world or the characters. 


reasons: I do this because if other show of netflix like tuca and bernie had a second chance in adult swim why this show no?.

Well, I already said my reasons and I hope they are fulfilled, and that this show has at least one worthy ending,a conclusion for all the characters.




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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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