Trigger warnings to be added to Netflix please

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Trigger warnings added to Netflix movies to help survivors of abuse avoid films with content which may be harmful.

As a victim of sexual abuse I often find triggers in day to day life. Content on most video streaming sites do not have any form of violence rating or trigger warnings. This means you can get half way through a show then all of a sudden a graphic scene can trigger panic attacks and have severe effects on your mental health for days / weeks to come. 

This is the email I've written to Netflix. They've explained to me very politely that because of how inundated with emails they are this might never happen. So sign the petition and if you have the time email them something similar to get trigger warnings added to Netflix content.

I wanted to send in a request for Netflix to add a trigger warning or some form of violence rating system. As a victim of sexual abuse there has been many times I've got a half way through something on Netflix and it has had graphic content that is triggering for myself. I know I'm not the only person who would be experiencing this. And I think it's a vital part that is missing on most streaming service.

Short sweet help a girl out with bad PTSD and many others who would be experiencing the same thing and email Netflix and sign the petition.