Tiktok User; Jessica Genadry should not be casted in Netflix’s A:TLA Series

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I’ve just been made aware that Jessica has made a post -on some social media platform that I am unaware of- showing her 23andMe results . In a post captioned, “I’m actually cracking up, this entire time people were so mad at me for not being native� But my 23and me says otherwise. “, Genadry shows off results that say she’s 49.5% East Asian & Native American. I want to emphasize that the 49.5 percentage is a combination of both Genadry’s East Asian & Native American DNA and if she clicked the tab, we would’ve seen exactly what percentile Native American she has a probability of being but for some reason - she chose not to show us as that.  I also want to remind everyone that since she is half-Vietnamese, we can rightfully assume that a large portion of that 49.5% is just her East-Asian DNA and only a small portion is Native American. Now I want to address the accuracy of ancestry kits - considering the fact that each company has it’s own database and the reference data seems to be self reported, she could’ve gotten different results if she used any other brand kit. Another thing is the fact that DNA kits only offer a probability towards certain ancestry, especially Native American (you can read this at: https://www.genome.gov/news/news-release/DNA-tests-stand-on-shaky-ground-to-define-Native-American-identity so this is another way in which Jessica’s results could be inaccurate. I understand that it may seem like I’m trying to deny this girl from embracing the small percent of indigenous ancestry she may have but she only posted these results as a response to the backlash she’s gotten (her caption proves this) so I believe she’s only claiming it in conveniency. Her caption leads me to believe that she thinks that now that she’s discovered she’s part Native American, she can play and correctly represent an indigenous - which is simply not true, especially considering the fact that she’s likely less than 2% Native. The fact of the matter is that Jessica has not respected Inuit culture or representation and a comment of her’s under that post leads me to believe that she still does not. In a response to somebody’s concerns about “how Native” her results really are, she says, “The point is that genetically there is hardly a difference. It will most likely always trace back to Broadly East Asia. That’s the point I’ve been making this entire time. Asians and Native Americans have the right to audition for this role.” She’s clearly still dismissing the concerns for proper representation and she sounds like she’s dismissing the fact that Indigenous people are their own people and not to be grouped in with Asians. Native Americans could/do have a right to audition for an Inuit role since they are going to be representing indigenous people regardless, Asians are not so they shouldn’t take away from Inuit/indigenous representation. Jessica is claiming native/indigenous ancestry but she does not respect the culture or it’s representation. Another thing I want to quickly address is my lack of update about Genadry’s initial responses, incase any of you are unaware, a little while after this petition was made - she had what many described as a “meltdown” on Tiktok live. I wasn’t present for the live, I’ve only seen a few clips so I didn’t speak out about it. But I’ve seen the video she made apologizing to her fans and supporters about her behavior and responding to the negative versus the positive. Personally I think she should apologize to the people she actually attacked on the live (those people were those who wanted proper Inuit representation I think?) but this was over a month ago and I doubt she’s going to now.

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2 months ago