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The Red Road was an amazing show.  There were many awesome actors who contributed to its brief success.  Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson, Julianne Nicholson, Kiowa Gordon, Tom Sizemore and so on.   

It ended too suddenly. Two seasons were not enough. The show's plot was based on the plight of the Ramapough Mountain Indians at the Ringwood Mines landfill site in New Jersey, where toxic wastes from the nearby Mahwah Ford plant were dumped.

Police Officer Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) is the main protagonist. He is trying to keep his family together after a cover-up involving his mentally unstable wife, a recovering alcoholic who self-medicates her undiagnosed schizophrenia with alcohol. Jensen comes into conflict with Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa), a member of the Ramapough Mountain people. His state-recognized tribe lives in the Ramapo Mountains in a border area of New York and New Jersey in the fictitious small town of Walpole, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York City.

I am a huge fan of Jason Momoa.  Jason has fans all over the world. We all enjoyed  fantasizing and imagining what it would be like to be a part of his world. His fans truly embraced him as Phillip Kopus. We were there on his journey. We all were hoping he would find happiness and peace in whatever he wanted to do. When he hurt, we hurt. When he cried, we cried. When he laughed, oh my gosh did we ever light up. But Kopus was a complicated fella. Now that has all ended. 

Please bring back The Red Road for his fans. PLEASE.