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Stop The TV Show Thirteen Reasons Why.

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The television series Thirteen Reasons Why, based off of a novel by Jay Asher, is being turned into a spectical. The novel is about a high schooler named Hannah who commits suicide(although the details of how are never revealed in the book), and the reasons why. Two weeks after her death, a classmate of Hannah's, Clay, finds cardboard box on his porch. Inside are 13 cassette tapes, directed at 13 people, and each tape holds a reason(from bullying to rape) for her actions. As Clay listens to the tape, being later on the list, he begins to poke around to find the truth of what happened to Hannah. Even going as far as plotting revenge in a sense. This book is serious, and should not be turned into a spectical. I owe this book my life, not only me but many others as well. When Netflix began filming, they gathered professionals in this particular field, and then did every single thing they were warned not to do. They turned a novel about a young girl who wanted to leave behind a message to change, to not make the same mistakes and even get a little justice, into a show about a brooding teenager who's​ trying too hard to seem depressed. They made it into a joke. They filled every episode with triggers, setting people off. I know it affected me. So please, don't let them do this to a story that was supposed to teach, that we could all learn from.

Mental illnesses are just as important as physical illnesses, they both can end in death.

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