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Derren Brown is a well-known mentalist and psychological illusionist, although his 'genius' has led him to misinterpret moral righteousness. His recently dropped TV show, "The Push (To The Edge)" undermines the severity of murder and manipulates unwitting members of the public. Whilst ethical approval for this 'study' has been sought, in my opinion, the show is inconceivably traumatic for it's participants. Many articles I have read on this issue, have claimed that the participants were consenting adults and therefore can be held accountable for their taking part. However, the show in itself highlights the vulnerability to conformity that these people demonstrate...how can they truly consent given the nature of their displayed personalities? It is my belief, that the subjects of this programme, were treated cruelly, unjustly and unfairly. Three of the people, were lead to believe by the end of the experiment, that they had committed murder.

Imagine, even after you were made aware you were part of social experiment, knowing that you were capable of taking the life of another human being. This type of event, the emotional trauma you felt during these moments, would haunt you forever. How can the families and close friends of these participants, look at them the same, knowing that deep-down, somehow, they could commit a crime so horrific as pushing a fairly elderly man, from the roof of a building? I am crying out to anybody that reads this, to take action. Help me get this petition noticed, and stop such evil experiments from taking place, and ultimately being aired on sites such as Netflix, in order to make money. 

Nobody could live with murder. Let's keep people safe, and not use their raw distress for entertainment. Sign this petition. Please, make a change.