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Netflix has just made a very brash and stupid decision to cancel Shadowhunters after 3 seasons! As both a book lover and active fan of the show I find this decision appalling, and I’m sure a lot of you do too...

We...as fellow Shadowhunters must Unite to show how much the Shadow World means to us. The beloved book series is known internationally so...why can’t the show? The fact that Netflix didn’t even air the show in the U.S let alone other parts of the world is an example of poor business management. Combine that with the lack of promotional material (LIKE EVERY OTHER TV SHOW HAS) and it’s quite easy to see Netflix’s contribution or...lack of.

This isn’t just for us, this is for the actors too! The producers and cast were ready to announce Season 4 at one of their con panels but Netflix pulled the contract at the last minute! These men and women have poured their souls into creating these characters but just like us, are victims of Netflix’s incompetence towards the best interests of fans.

We’ve been promised a 2 part special finale so devoted fans can have an ending that we deserve...I SAY THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

Too many good shows have been canceled over the years...that ends today!

Sign this petition, let your voice be heard, show Netflix they are wrong!

We will not give up, we will not surrender...

This is OUR show and WE are going to save it!!!


Take to Twitter and take part in the battle with the hashtag #SAVESHASOWHUNTERS