#SaveFamousInLove #FamousInLoveSeason3

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Freeform has cancelled yet another amazing show! Famous In Love doesn't fear or shy away showing the realities of Young Hollywood and the stars within it. For the first two seasons it has given has many laughs, tears and anticipation on what would happen next. It has given us the ship known as #Raige with Bella Thorne as Paige and Carter Jenkins as Rainer and their incredible chemistry, the antics of Niki Kloss' character Alexis, the best friends we all want with Pepi Sonuga as Tangey & Georgie Flores as Cassie, the bromance of Carter as Rainer & Keith Powers as Jordan, the three musketeers of Paige, Cassie & Jake i.e. Charlie De Pew, who right from the beginning supported each other's hopes and dreams. 


This show brings together all of these amazing actors and actresses, but would be no where possible without the directors below:

Norman Buckley, Roger Kumble, Ron Lagomarsino, Geary McLeod, Miguel Arteta, Mary Lou Belli, Susanna Fogel, Michael Goi, Tanya Hamilton, Tawnia McKiernan, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, Troian Bellisario, Paula Hunziker, Anna Mastro, and Melanie Mayron.

The writers below:

Kateland Brown, Tawnya Bhattacharya, Ali Laventhol, Melissa Carter, William H. Brown, Christopher Fife, Bryan M. Holdman, Garth Mueller, John Webb, Miguel Ian Raya and of course mention must be made to the book writer who inspiration this show is taken from Rebecca Searle.

And the entire crew and everyone involved in the production from start to finish without them this show would not have been possible. The one person who has not only spear-headed the entire production is a woman who deserves so much recognition. This woman is named Marlene King she has given the show so much love and her incredible writing and fearlessness to tell the truth of what really happens especially with those in Young Hollywood and even when the show was cancelled by Freeform, she is still trying to find a way to save the show or at the very least give it the send off it so very deserves, so that the fans who have followed or supported the show and those who have tweeted along with the cast each week and in support of all ships on the show get the answers they deserve especially after the Season 2 Finale. 


So if you want to support this petition, please sign, spread the word, use the hashtag #SaveFamousInLove #FamousInLoveSeason3 and tag the cast and crew so we can show Freeform what they will be missing out on and show Netflix  that it's definitely worth saving!