Save "How I Met Your Mother"

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If you haven't heard yet, How I Met Your Mother is going to be taken off Netflix on November 13th - AKA the worst Friday in History.

My story about How I Met Your Mother is as follows....
For the past five years, I have fallen asleep to HIMYM every single night. Yes, you read that right. It started after a big break-up. After binge-watching every season, HIMYM eventually became a lullaby. I even consider the crew to be my best friends (yes I'm a weirdo). 

HIMYM taught me everything I need to know about life (along with Harry Potter - "Yer a Wizard, Harry"). From Ted's never-ending search for true love, to Robin's gun nut habits, to watching the evolution of Barney Stinson (AWESOME), I've never connected with anything more.

Don't do this to us, Netflix. We need HIMYM in our lives. #SaveHIMYM