Save COLONY tv show on usa from cancellation!

One of the best sci-fi shows of the 21st century. It is a shame that USA cancelled it before seeing it through to the end. With all of the garbage crap on TV today, getting renewed season after season, it pains me to see a dark, gritty, complex science fiction new classic like Colony be scuttled into obscurity because it did not receive enough viewers on the USA network (honestly, I forgot that channel even existed). But Netflix, one of the new kings of home entertainment, allowed me to binge all three seasons and I could barely pull myself away. Finding out there was no end to this show was a dropkick to the face of fans, myself included. Many of us would gladly PAY to watch another season, or even a mini-series ending, to give this gem the ending it deserves. Netflix, hopefully you have researchers who see this, and see that the fact is - If you Film it, We will Watch. #SaveColony

Jace Kai, Clermont, FL, United States
10 months ago
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