Save American Vandal by demonstrating that the people still care about that series.

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It was a Friday, February 1, 2019. My sister and I heard of a series called "American Vandal," and we decided to watch it, just a few episodes. We ended up finishing the whole first season in one night, I was surprised how very funny the series was, and at the same time it raised very interesting social debates about the US educational system, and about bullying/cyberbullying, as well as being an extremely well written investigation. We did the same with the second season, now bought and made 100% by Netflix, we just could not stop watching.

After we finished the second season, which by the way, is even funnier and brings even more social debates than the first, we researched to find out if Netflix was developing a third season of American Vandal. That's when we discovered that the series was canceled for no apparent reason.

There are many cases of series that are canceled "for no apparent reason" and are saved by the community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is just one example. They are series that have a lot of potential, which are socially important and with an extremely visible quality, whose creators have plans, but can not continue because of low audience or problems of the type.

Save the American Vandal, we want a third season, we want Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund to investigate another case of vandalism, we gave audience to Netflix, we deserved it.