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We want Sense8 back!

Sense8 is a series produced by Netflix, which has announced that there won't be a season 3, I'll state out later why it must be renewed.

As viewers, we ask and beg Netflix to renew their original series Sense8, it can't end this way. We understand that this show was expensive but we NEED IT. It gives out such a powerful, strong, IMPORTANT message. It gathers many different communities, brings people together, explains important society's issues to people who wouldn't be aware of this. It has an amazing representation with LGBTQ+ people, including gay, pansexual and trans characters, it also has many black main characters as well as Latinos, Asian and many others. 
But what makes it even better is that the cinematography, the scenes, and everything else is extremely beautiful and pleasing. It makes you travel through the whole world, gives you a chance to escape.

By canceling this show, you're also destroying people's hope for a better future, people's chance to learn about other cultures, to escape, to question their identity and maybe find out who they are. 
More and more people are watching it and you can't disappoint so many of us this way.

Moreover, there is an huge suspense at the end of season 2 that can't stay without any answers!
We'll do anything it takes to have a season 3.

I will not accept this amazing show being cancelled, and if you won't either SIGN THIS PETITION! 
Thank you so much if you do, don't forget to share it on social media and to all of your friends!

(sorry if there is any mistake, I'm french)

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