Renew Sense8!!!

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Netflix have decided to cancel Sense 8. An iconic, groundbreaking show, complete with a diverse cast and wonderful, intricate plot lines. Sense8 was so much more than a mere tv show. It represented the LGBT community, people of colour, people struggling with their identity, transgender people, religious people - literally everyone. It was a punch in the face to homophobia and racism, transphobia and sexism, and Netflix have gone and cancelled it at the start of Pride Month.

Firstly, why on earth have they done this? Why would they cancel this masterpiece? This was a step towards equality - a step towards acceptance and love. Netflix have taken this beacon of love, peace and equality away from us and it's unacceptable.  If you can renew 13 reasons why then you can renew this.

Bring it back.

Bring it back NOW.