Save One Day At A Time!!

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Please help us save One Day At A Time

Earlier today Netflix announced the cancellation of One Day At A Time. 

For those of us that have watched all three seasons we know that One Day At A Time has brought to light many problems that are often tucked away and unspoken of. It helped create a more realistic representation of the Latino and LGBTQ community, two groups that are often misrepresented on TV.

Some of the topics within the seasons hit close to home for some of us. When we take a look at the big picture, One Day At A Time really gave us a full view of the reality many individuals go through each day but, without any sugar coating.

There were episodes surrounding topics of:
-How people of colour are treated differently
-Being racially judged and bullied
-The idea of Consent and how to actually practice it
-How rape is NOT women's fault and they should stop being apologetic
-Machismo, Mansplaining and Mysoginism
-How it feels to renounce citizenship from your home country
-Coming out to family (and not being accepted by all)
-Family is not blood but instead whoever you decide to call Familia.
-To be proud of your ethnicity and who YOU are.

One Day At A Time has proved it has heart and strength to speak about the real things that happen on a daily basis to families and it still has many stories that have been left untold.

Please sign this petition to #SaveODAAT.