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Querenos que Netflix y CBC renueven Anne with an E, es uno de los mejores shows que existe, Actualmente tiene 3 Temporadas y esta disponible Netflix pero el show ya se a Cancelado. Hace una semana vi Anne with an E y la termine de ver en 4 dias y quiero ver mas, me enamore de este show. "Anne with an E nos cuenta la historia de Anne, una niña huérfana y parlanchina, la cual un día le dan la noticia de que será adoptada por una pareja de hermanos ancianos en un pequeño pueblo conocido como 'Green Gabels' le tengo muchas esperanzas y expectativas a este show. Si led gusta Anne with an E ayuden porfavor �. 

We want Netflix and CBC to renew Anne with an E, it is one of the best shows that exists, currently has 3 seasons, available on Netflix. A week ago I saw Anne with an E and I finished it in 4 days and I want to see more, I fell in love with this show. I found out that Anne with an has been cancelled, here a resume; "Anne with an E tells us the story of Anne, an orphan and talkative girl, who one day gives her the news that she will be adopted by a couple of elderly brothers in a small town known as 'Green Gabels'. I have high hopes for this show and expectations to this show. If you like Anne with an E please help�