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Netflix - Rename Cheers "Frasier: Origins"

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The television show "Cheers" has a misleading title. It is actually the origin story of Doctor Frasier Crane, noted psychiatrist and Seattle radio personality. Yes, the life and times of Doctor Crane are explored in depth in the hit NBC show "Frasier" (named after Doctor Frasier Crane), but his true beginnings lie in the more plebeian sitcom "Cheers". As such,  it is only right & just that "Cheers" be renamed "Frasier: Origins". 

We must act now to rectify this misnomer and encourage all those who know and love the Frasier of "Frasier" to delve further into his background for a deeper understanding of what made Frasier the Frasier he continues to be today, though off air.

If the success of superhero movies & shows have taught us anything, it's that everyone loves an origin story, and "Frasier: Origins" will bring a new life to the dying franchise of "Cheers", a show people rarely know the name of or want to go to on Netflix. 

(Also if Netflix could only carry "Frasier: Origins" from his first appearance in s3 e1, that would make the most sense.)

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