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Remove Making a Murderer and Cancel Season 2 on Netflix

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This is a petition for Netflix to remove Making a Murderer and cancel season 2. With the recent allegations against many actors, producers, politicians, reporters and many well known people in general many companies are making a “no tolerance” policy. Netflix has shown this in the firing of Kevin Spacey and cancellation of Louis CK’s comedy special. Making a Murderer’s main subjects have either been accused of or convicted of sex offenders. Steven Avery has a long history of abusing women (ex wife, ex gf’s, cousins, etc) as well as being accused of raping his niece (although she declined to press charges once he was charged with murder). Not to mention his nephew’s confession which highlights Steven Avery’s rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. Both of Steven’s brothers have also been both accused and convicted of sexual assault on women. His ex defense lawyer Jerry Buting has publicly advocated for the rights of child molestors and sexual deviants on social media. The list goes on and on. Season 1 of Making a Murderer was very deceptive in its pro Avery editing which has created an outpouring of victim & their families being blamed and shamed on all platforms of social media. The morally & ethically right thing for Netflix to do would be to follow their own policy as they did with Kevin Spacey and Louis CK and cancel the second season immediately while denouncing sexual assault and abuse on women. This petition is in loving memory of Teresa Halbach.

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