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Insatiable was released today on Netflix (August 10th). When the trailer was released, there was a backlash prompting a petition to be created with over 220,000 signatures. The creators, crew and cast of the show as well as Netflix, said that we should wait for the show to premiere in order for us to judge it properly, and fairly.

After watching all 12 Episodes, i can safely say it should have never been accepted and green lighted EVER! I hate this show.

It is a crass, disgusting, upsetting, horrible show, with rape jokes strung about like compliments, pedophilia occurring as a running theme (and its treated like a joke); and just offensive dialogue, involving child molestation jokes, losing virginity to a dude so Debby Ryan's character can sue him later on; and not to mention a awful incestuous 'joke' between the two main characters. It involves the words Daddy and DILF. The Pilot episode contains a particularly nasty moment I refuse to mention. And this is just the first few minutes.

On top of that, it teaches people that the only way to get people to like you is by being thin and good looking, not being yourself. It is fat shaming, and no matter what Lauren Guissis and Netflix say, it is inexcusable. 

Horrible performances,awful jokes (if i can even call them that); and just a bad nasty feeling around. I felt unclean after watching it, quite frankly.

So my message for Netflix and the creators, is to remove the show 'Insatiable' from all your servers, websites and YouTube videos, ridding us of this filth forever. In fact, I refuse to call 'Insatiable' a show. Its not a show, its a horrible nasty, sick and disgusting manifestation of filth. 

Netflix do the right thing and remove the show off your site, and in the process cancel it now!