Remove 13 Reasons Why from Netflix

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As a teen today who struggles with ill mental health, I think shows like 13 Reasons Why do more damage than they raise awareness towards ill mental health and many other issues teens face, I believe this due to the fact that on many occasions the show has graphically depicted assaults, rapes, suicides etc when they weren't necessarily needed, As I watched the first ever season of this show I was in a great mindset and was not struggling with my mental health but even when I saw the extremely unnecessarily graphic suicide scene I was trigger, I know I'm not the only one since many on social media and news outlets have been enraged by the fact the show keeps on getting commissioned for new seasons and seems to get more graphic even after being criticised for its graphicness. To make matters worse one of the producers, American Actress and Singer Selena Gomez has recently worked with Woody Allen a known abuser on a film, this makes me question the true motive of the show because how can you produce something that raises awareness to serious topics like abuse, rape, victim blaming and then go on to work with a man who has been accused of sexual abuse for decades. 

I strongly believe this show should be removed from Netflix or at the least should be cancelled so no more people can be triggered or given false information on mental health etc. There are many other shows and movies that have successfully raised awareness to the topics brought up in this show in a much better way. Don't let this show continue to spread a false message of serious topics and damage/trigger more young people than it already has.