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Release Stranger Things Season 2 October 1st

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Last summer Netflix released Stranger Things and lovers of horror and sci-fi commenced their binge watching. The internet instantly fell in love with the gang from Hawkins, Indiana and were only left wanting more after the finale which left more questions than answers. Last week when a promo for the second season of Stranger Things aired during the Super Bowl fans of the show went crazy in anticipation. I however felt like Netflix dropped the ball.

Let me clarify immediately, I LOVED the trailer until the end that is. I know what Netflix is thinking, it’s horror, it’s sci-fi, Halloween is the perfect time to release the second season. I’m here to tell you that’s ridiculous. When does a store start putting out decorations for Halloween? They don’t do it ON Halloween, they put it out the month before. When do movie studios start releasing their best horror movies? Throughout October. When do Horror and Sci-Fi movies start being shown ad naseum on TV? October! What happens to Halloween decorations on November 1st? They get discounted because the holiday is over and it’s time to focus less on killing teenagers and more on killing turkeys. Do you want to put Stranger Things in the same category as discounted decorations that are sold for half price because nobody wants them? Those kids deserve better!

Netflix is dropping the ball by releasing Stranger Things on Halloween because it’s a TV show with many episodes that people aren’t going to binge watch in one day (I mean I’m sure someone will) so it’s about building up the suspense throughout the month. Everyone seems to get this except for Netflix. That’s why I’ve started a petition to get Netflix to release Season 2 on October 1st so we can enjoy Stranger Things all month long. So please help me get the word out and we can all enjoy our show when it should be shown!

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