Put Shaktimaan on Netflix

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Shaktimaan has been a life changing TV show for any middle class kid born during the '90s. I still remember religiously watching the show every Sunday at 12:00 PM sharp without a miss. Shaktimaan was the first acquaintance of every child in that demographic, with the concept of good and evil, and that of right and wrong, portrayed beautifully through the juxtaposition of 'prakash' (light) and 'andhera' (darkness) respectively. And who could forget the best a la carte on any menu ever? The 'Chhoti Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein' segment after every episode where we were taught the simplest fundamental values with great zeal. Who can ever shake off the sound of "Sorry Shaktimaan" from their heads?

The characters of the show were no less iconic than the concept, before meeting the Darth Vaders and the Imhoteps, the Indian kids from the '90s were running scared of the OGs Dr. Jackal and Tamraj Kilvish (his name literally translates to 'Killer Poison Lord of Darkness', can you imagine how effing cool is that?) Shaktimaan is the OG superhero and fantasy show for everyone in our generation and we deserve to have it back.

The need for this petition didn't hit me until a very pointless discussion on the show began with my college friends wherein we were all clueless as to how the show ended. NONE OF US REMEMBERED, or rather NONE OF US KNEW! We immediately turned to YouTube to quench our irresistible thirst for knowledge, but all we got were multiple clicks with a splattering of episodes that looked far from being the end of the show, a few even containing a kid in a Shaktimaan costume whom none of us remembered, and a couple even desecrated by being dubbed in English (can you imagine the sacrilege?).

Shaktimaan has been a life altering experience for an entire generation, and to have his mythos been taken away from us so callously, in such shrewdness, that we didn't even realise the wrong done to us until more than entire decade later, is barbarism in its purest form. It is the murder of an entire generation's dreams, hopes and fancies, and to be honest, it is the last generation of the country that had a childhood before technology took over lives.