Continue The Original French Animated Code Lyoko Series

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Background: Code Lyoko is the only cartoon we know that features both 2D and 3D animations, and it's one of the best and underrated childhood shows on television. For those of us who remember the time when we first watched our favorite as a child, we noticed that nothing new has happened since it last aired.

Here's The Problem: It all started when Cartoon Network decided to pull Code Lyoko off from the cable channel because of its failed negotiations with France 3. That's why the plot of the fourth season rushed into an incomplete ending with unresolved issues on the backstory, characters, and answerable questions, instead of continuing the series further beyond that point. Since then, we ended up getting a pair alternate continuities of the incomplete Live-Action (Real World)/CGI (Lyoko) sequel of Evolution and the unreadable four-novel series of Chronicles.

From unanswered questions to undercovered character developments to the incomplete ending, there are countless reasons why Code Lyoko needs a proper continuation of the original animated series. Today since 2014, the current property of Ellipsanime (via Dargaud Media) doesn't have any plans for our favorite show after acquiring the now-defunct Moonscoop's assets. 

Solution: In that case, we need better ownership as the right people who know what they're doing by making an official continuation of the original Code Lyoko series as a complete overhaul. So, our goal is to continue the original series that utilizes the traditional 2D (Real World) and 3D (Lyoko) animations produced by either Dargaud Media or the new studio to buy the CL intellectual property rights.

More importantly, we also need a streaming service to reconnect the older viewers for the new seasons and episodes to keep them interested in finishing the series as a complete overhaul. Otherwise, the viewers who watched the show as a child/teenager between the years of 2003 to 2007 will forgo the new content.

Benefit To Who? The solution to having the fifth season and possibly beyond within the original Code Lyoko series will benefit viewers who are now teenagers and younger adults. Please sign and share the petition to get our favorite show the final answers that we deserve, regardless of today's kids.