Amazon Prime Video: Renew Code Lyoko for Season 5 of the Original Animated Series

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Background: Code Lyoko is the only cartoon we know that features both 2D and 3D animations, and it's one of the best and underrated childhood shows on television when it was ahead of its time. For those of us who remember the time when we first watched our favorite as a child, we noticed that nothing new has happened since it last aired, while Darguad (the current CL owners) knows that our community fanbase is still alive.

Here's The Problem: In terms of what happened to the broadcasting rights, Cartoon Network decided to pull Code Lyoko off from the cable channel while the rest were sent straight to online because of its failed negotiations with France 3 and it's no wonder why our favorite show ended too soon after four seasons. Since then, we ended up getting something else that no one asked for it, including a pair alternate continuities of the incomplete Live-Action (Real World)/CGI (Lyoko) sequel of Evolution as well as the unreadable four-novel series of Chronicles. Besides, there are three reasons why Code Lyoko still needs a proper continuation of the original animated series:

  • Lore of the Series: There are still several questions that have yet to answer, including the respective backstories of Franz Hopper and Aelita Schaeffer, the details of Project Carthage, the reason why of wishing to destroy it, his desire (canon terms), and the disappearance of Aelita's Mother, Anthea Hopper.
  • Character Developments: We still haven't seen a lot of little things has a complete overhaul, including Jeremy's development on Lyoko, Ulrich and Yumi's relationship, William's redemption, their parents & family issues, and XANA's real voice and its physical form (doesn't include possessing people).
  • The Ending: Even though the fourth season wasn't a cliffhanger, it didn't have enough closure either because as an example, it still shows the credits of the unresolved Project Carthage.

Solution (To Make A Continuation): Our goal is to have the existing production companies and a global streaming service to make a proper Code Lyoko continuation including Season 5 of the original animated series by following these steps.

  1. We must convince the streaming service of Amazon Prime Video (has all ninety-seven of the old episodes in its library) to renew Code Lyoko for new seasons of only the original animated series.
  2. Have the Dargaud Media production companies of Ellipsanime and Ellipse Studio review the first ninety-seven episodes of the four-season run on YouTube or Prime Video as a requirement for the participating directors, writers, animators, and voice actors, before putting Code Lyoko back in production.
  3. Fill in the gap of answering the unsolved questions without adding it as well as giving the underrated main and recurring characters (Jeremy, William, Jim, Milly & Tamiya, Patrick, etc.) in needs of development, covering real-life and family issues, and finalizing relationships.
  4. Make sure to respect the original material by using the traditional 2D and 3D animations as well as making new seasons and episodes much more of a serious or darker tone to keep the older viewers interested in finishing the series as a complete overhaul, before putting up the final ending.

Otherwise, not following all four of these steps of bringing Code Lyoko back would make the same mistake that already happened before it will lead the viewers who watched the show as a child/teenager between the years of 2003 to 2007 will forgo the new content that doesn't reattract the older audience as a last-resort.

Benefit To Who? The solution to having at least the fifth season of the original Code Lyoko series will most importantly benefit us as viewers who are now teenagers and younger adults that we still cared about our favorite show to get the final answers that we deserve as well as for the younger generation to come.

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