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Netflix we found Geralt!

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We heard news about you would make a series about the Witcher. Well, you'll never find the better main actor than Ben Schamma. Just look at his pictures of Geralt look at quality of his costume! He can very truly play Geralt’s role. We know  you worry that Ben doesn't know how to act, right? But he's an actor! He's also a stunt-man! Ben know a sword play thing!

Look how he looks in Getalt role – https://youtu.be/CMWV3p9YxN4

He also plays Darth Maul in fan-film! – https://youtu.be/Djo_91jN3Pk

It would be nice to give a chance to cosplay guy to play the main role. Maybe that's a new tendency when cosplayers can play the main role of their characters. Just imagine that! You'll have the whole army of people like Ryan Reynolds who motivated by his role of Deadpool who also will know their characters in meticulous detail.

All Ben’s fans ready to support him! Just give him a chance for audition. He might be good candidate for this role. Ben looks familiar as Geralt and he knows his character’s behavior model.  And you have a fan, which knows how it works.

We strongly want you to give him a chance.


Here is some Ben's contacts:




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