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Netflix unblock by region !

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Today, Netflix blocks the content it offers by region!
If you are a native of a foreign country and you are residing or coming for the holidays you will not be able to access your usual contents. But has many other content no less interesting but that often will not be in your language.

  • Why ?

Is well because Netflix chose to blocked by region and not language or not blocked at all.

  • Case :

I am a French living in the United States, my native language is French and I speak English but not fluent enough to watch the series on American television without French or English subtitles. On Netflix of the United States, it is impossible for me to see the series being broadcast because problem of right. However, this same series is available in France in my country and in French in my native language!
So, no longer living in France, I do not have access to this series because I do not live in the same region.

  • What should be done ? :

One can be in the illegality and have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to be able to hide and change the country!
But we can also do that the fact of paying a certain amount every month (budget which, I remind you will increase!) Gives us the right to have access to the contents of

So, we pay and we want that proposed Netflix the same contents as in our country and especially the contents adapted, intelligent and especially in connection with our or our languages spoken !

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