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Netflix to put Star Wars-The Clone Wars series in it's chronological order

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Dear Netflix,

I've been trying to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars series on Netflix for a while now. But it's so annoying to watch it because the show is not in it's chronological order. The only way you can actually watch the show the way is supposed to is by going to to find the order of the episodes. 

But the thing is that is VERY annoying having to go to the website every single time an episode ends to find out what's the next episode. Is so annoying that I even it makes me want to stop watching the show. I wish I could just click "next episode" but I can't. 

What about the people that don't know about this? They are probably like "wait didn't that character die last episode? why is he alive?" Then in the next episode the character is dead and everyone is like "Oh so he IS dead" and it just keeps happening over and over. 

Come on, The real first episode of the show is on Season 2 Episode 16 and then the second one is on Season 1 Episode 16 and then episode 3 is on Season 3, This is a mess. 


Please Netflix fix this, it will make everything comfortable for everyone. 



Star Wars fans


PS: My apologize for my terrible English, English is my second language and I'm still learning.

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