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Kenny Ortega is a director, producer and choreographer who's the man behind the incredible Netflix show JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS. Ortega reunited four talented youngsters to bring to life this series: Madison Reyes (16); actress, singer-songwriter and pianist, as Julie Molina; Charlie Gillespie (22), actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist; Owen Patrick Joyner (20), actor, singer and drummer (to whom this project is very important because it's his first big role after his show in Nickelodeon was CANCELLED); and Jeremy Shada, actor, singer-songwriter and bassist. ¿Do you know why we mentioned these artists? Because Netflix needs to see the incredible artists they will be losing if they decided not to give JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS a second season. The plot, the songs, the characters, the amazing people who worked on it, the incredible soundtrack and EVERYTHING in this show are just a few things that make it so relevant for this generation and the times we're living. This show has brought light to the life of a large number of fans around the world who are expecting a renewal for a while now. A lot people found a home in this show, a place to feel safe and happy. We met a lot of incredible humans in this journey. We made friends who became as important as the people we know in real life. Some others reconnected with music, found a way to control their fears and even found a safe place where to display their talents and abilities through fan art, covers and other diverse expressions of art. JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS is more than just a show, It's a family, one that supports you, have your back always, lit's unconditional and loving.

SO, JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS deserve more than just a renewal. But for now


Kenny Ortega es director, productor y coreógrafo; este hombre dio el origen a JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS (en la versión para Netflix). Este director estadounidense reunió a cuatro talentosos chicos, entre ellos se encuentran: Madison Reyes, actriz, cantautora y pianista de tan solo 16 años; Charlie Gillespie, actor, cantautor y guitarrista de 22 años; Owen Patrick Joyner, actor, cantante y baterista de 20 años (cabe recalcar que Owen logró seguir teniendo trabajo ya que la serie donde trabajaba fue CANCELADA); Jeremy Shada actor, cantautor, bajista y guitarrista de 24 años; ¿saben por qué nombre a estos artistas? Para que netflix pueda observar aquello que perdería al no darnos una temporada dos de JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS, la historia, las canciones, los bailes y cada cosa que hace esta increible serie debe continuar.

Miles de personas encontramos un refugio acá, conocimos nuevas personas que se volvieron tan importantes para nuestra vida, algunos pudieron reconectarse con la música, otros encontraron la forma de controlar sus miedos y hay gente que pudo descubrir que tanto los apasiona la música.

Esto ya es más que una serie, todo esto formo una familia, una divertida, una que comprende, apoya y ama; JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS merece más.