Netflix: Remove "365 Days" For Glorifying Human Trafficking and Stockholm Syndrome

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I have just watched the movie "365 Days" and I am appalled that Netflix would release such a blatant propagation of human trafficking. Human trafficking is an almost 150 billion dollar global industry--only second to drug trafficking--with millions of enslaved persons around the globe. For Netflix to make a movie glorifying sex slavery is not only in bad taste, but it continues to perpetuate sexual stereotypes of women being treated as property and sexual conquests, as well as promoting Stockholm Syndrome. 

Although there are spineless claims throughout the film that Laura, the female lead character, is not property, the entire premise of the movie is based on her being trafficked by Massimo, the male lead character, while he tries to coerce her into sex. It is a direct glorification of sex trafficking--and plays into the false stereotype that foreign women are "just more sexual" and therefore will always give in to sex--stereotypes like this justify rape culture. Even during the scenes where Massimo claims he won't touch her without her permission, he is feeling her up.

These kinds of movies not only completely disregard all the progress women have made, in being seen as more than our bodies, but it also portrays a terrifying example for young men and women, especially teens. After watching this, what is to stop a teen boy or young man from thinking that if he just keeps assaulting a girl, eventually she will want to have sex with him? After watching this, what is to stop a young woman or teen girl from believing that passion and love are supposed to be hurtful and controlling?

As a powerful media platform, Netflix has a social responsibility. As a company, Netflix stepped up and created a category for Black Lives Matter, an important human rights issue. Now, in the context of this human rights issue, trafficking, Netflix has chosen not only to glorify sex trafficking, but also to facilitate sexual aggression towards women, when we live in a society where 1 out of every 5 American women has been raped in her lifetime. Netflix needs to remove this movie from all country streaming services immediately, and release a statement addressing how the company will chose to fight human trafficking instead of encouraging it, through their vast media platforms and profits.