Netflix Removal of "Take Your Pills" Documentary

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"Take Your Pills" is a dangerous documentary that glorifies the usage of Adderall.... among a number of people who aren't prescribed it or who pretended to need it when they did not. Throughout the documentary you hear about college students who use it to get all "A's," a computer programmer who uses it to do well in training situations and is eventually approach by Google, girls using it to keep their weight down and even NFL and Olympic Athletes using it to help them get that 'edge.' There is very little talk of the negative effects that Adderall has on those who do not suffer from ADD or ADHD and the negative effects that are addressed are downplayed. There is never acknowledgement of how Adderall can destroy the lives of people who misuse and abuse it, only talk about how some people would like to get off of it because they don't feel they are being their authentic selves.

Let's not overlook the fact that there is very little acknowledgement of people who actually need this medication, as the documentary focuses mostly on Adderall usage among young people in college, workplace and sports, the majority of whom where not even prescribed this medication. There are many people who have ADD and ADHD that truly need this drug and to see people using it when they do not need it and speaking of how they are getting an 'edge' from doing so, is truly terrifying. This documentary was not only poorly thought out, researched and executed, it is extremely scary that it is promoting recreational usage of this medication. It comes across as insensitive to those who do need it, as this documentary did not spend time following these people and showcasing their stories.

Like most prescriptions, Adderall is extremely helpful to those who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and the fact that it has been turned into a sort of street drug for college students, athletes and people who want to get ahead in the workplace, is nothing that should be glorified.

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