Netflix reconsider your categories - violence against women is not ‘Romantic’

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It’s Friday night, I’m looking for a slushy romcom to while away the evening and as I scroll - to my surprise (and horror) I find films such as ‘Last Tango In Paris’ and ‘Lolita’ in the mix.... considering one is a depiction of the real life rape of Maria Schneider by Marlon Brando and the other is child abuse.... you can understand my horror at the categorization of ‘Romantic Movies’


I’ve sent tweets (see below) to try and raise the issue but this has been ignored.

‘@NetflixUK please revisit your categories. ‘Last Tango In Paris’ depicts the rape of Maria Schneider by Marlon Brando - it is NOT a 'classic romantic movie' #rapeisnotromantic’

‘While you're at it @NetflixUK what the hell is Lolita doing in 'romantic movies'? Child abuse also NOT ROMANTIC #abuseisnotromantic’

Netflix has a wide range of categories and tags to help viewers find something they want to watch, there is no reason these films couldn’t be revisited and tagged differently. 

Violence against women and girls is a serious issue and categorising films that depict rape and child abuse as ‘Romantic Movies’ just perpetuates an acceptance of violence in certain contexts. THIS IS NOT OK. 

Netflix you can do better.