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Netflix Produced Animorphs TV Series

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Yo dig it,

So if you grew up in the 90s, you remember a lot of great children's book series. Goosebumps, Fear Street, the list goes on. And some of these series got tv shows, such as R.L. Stein's Goosebumps tv show that adapted some of his most famous children's books to equally freaky tv shows!

But you know what was the real mind-freak of children's fiction? The real sci-fi bender, the mind melt that made people, KIDS, think?


Aight, now that you've electronic device back in your hand after throwing it up like you've just heard "All I Do Is Win" on the radio while driving, relax while I educate those who have never read Animorphs.


So these five kids are going home from being out late. Not even high schoolers, they're in middle school. They cut through an abandoned construction site. This space ship appears, and a dying space alien stumbles out. Dude looks like a blue centaur (half man-half horse) with a long tail that has a wicked sharp blade on the end, and and top of his head are two eye stalks that give him 360 degree vision. 

This space alien guy's species called the Andalites have been warring with this other species called Yeerks. Basically the Andalites started travelling space and made friends with different species. They found the Yeerks, these sentient slug species who could walk the face of their planet by crawling into the ear cavities of the local bipedal species, sinking into their brains, and controlling their bodies. Yeah, that don't sound like a plan for peace lol

So inevitably, these Andalites and Yeerks go to war. And there's this one super-weapon that the Yeerks want off the Andalites. The Morphing Cube. One touch of this cube, and you are granted the ability to gain the dna of any living being, animal, human, or space alien. And by absorbing the DNA of that being, you can now become a replica of that being. Touch a tiger? Become a tiger. Touch a bear? Become a bear. Touch a hawk? Become a hawk. This power applies to all living species. Only drawback? If you stay in form for over two hours, you become trapped in that form, injuries and all.

So the Andalite tells these five middle schoolers this, and urges them to take the power to use it to fight the Yeerks, who already have a small foothold on the Earth. The kids reluctantly do it, and quickly too, because one of the big Yeerk bosses is coming to take the cube, and kill the Andalite. 

As a ship comes down from the sky, the kids skeedaddle, and hide the cube in the construction site. They then hide out and watch as one of the Yeerk leaders, who had risen to prominence by gaining the body of an Andalite, comes to finish off the Andalite who just gave the kids this cube. Dude morphs into a giant creature, and proceeds to eat the Andalite.

Aight you people who already knew this. Welcome back.

So you dig? You get this now? I just set up ONLY HALF of the first episode. And this could be the first episode of a Netflix series that could easily span five seasons in a tv series, and eight canon movies. 

I ask you, the reader of this post, to help make this possible. To present this petition to Netflix would be a great achievement. When we make this possible, Animorphs can join other great Netflix original series such as Marvel's Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil. We can join other great movies and shows based off of award winning books such as Beasts of No Nation, Orange is the New Black, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If I have named any tv shows, movies, or books that you have read and watched the television version of, please sign this petition.

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