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Netflix, please make a "The Neverending Story" Show!

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Hey everyone, as a big fan of "The Neverending Story, especially the original book by Michael Ende, I thought it would be awesome to have a Netflix show of it. It has everything an awesome fantasy story needs! Great Characters, Action, Mistery, Monsters and because of its length, it's made for a show with maybe two seasons.

First Part could show Atreyus journey through Fantasia. Second Season could be about Bastian experiencing the Neverending Story on his own.

Please Netflix, after realising Shows like "A Series of Unfortunate Events" bring us "The Neverending Story" in a Version that's true to the book, before a dork like Michael Bay can ruin it in a bad movie. Sign my petition, so as many people as possible will hear from that idea. I hope to reach someone that will make it come true. Fight against the Nothing and let's rebuild Fanatsia together. Thanks!

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