Netflix, please integrate Trakt.

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It makes no sense that this doesn't already exist. Trakt is made for services like Netflix.

Trakt has mentioned in the past that they have tried to talk with Netflix about this, so it seems to be Netflix that are making this not happen.

If Trakt was integrated into Netflix apps, syncing watched statuses back and forth and automatically scrobbling we would no longer be being recommended stuff we've already seen. It would also be simple to pick up watching a series on Netflix that you've started with a different service (or even that you've owned previous seasons of) because it would actually mark where you're up to. You could get recommendations based on what you've seen, including before you were even on Netflix.

It would make the service so much more useable to your already loyal customers, and I believe it will also make it more appealing to people who are thinking about joining Netflix but who know they will find the lack of syncing irritating.

Come on Netflix, please give us an update on this. Preferably one that says you are working on it!