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Netflix : make a Chuck movie happen

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Chuck is a cult TV show around the world. Its concept is original, the characters are endearing like if they're part of our own family. The "augmented spying" aspect gives beautiful action scenes, full of adrenaline and very modern, but with as much humor as it takes to have a very good time. In short, Chuck is inexhaustible, and magnificently efficient. Chuck's five seasons have told his personal story, but that does not mean that the team has no more spy missions. Zachary Levi has already said several times that he would love to make movies of Chuck on Netflix. This format would be adapted to a sequel of the series, with a single mission each time. Netflix has contributed to the popularity of the show, so you know how successful this concept can be. Plus, the very modern concept of Chuck, already based on tech, could adapt to current technological innovations, and fit so well with our current era.

Netflix could perfectly produce a sequel as cult as the original series.

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